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8 Technologies that Comprise Unified Communications

If I was to ask you to give me a simple definition of Unified Communications (UC), how would you respond?

Almost an Oxymoron, a simple definition for Unified Communication eludes many of us because there is nothing simple about Unified Communications.

Tech leaders and Business leaders will argue fiercely on this very topic because technologists want to break down UC into the various technology Silos while executives want a seamless communication tool.

Both parties seeking the same, however the path for those planning Unified Communications is less clear because we all know…

The simpler the technology in practice, the more difficult the planning and implementation becomes.

So what are the pieces that comprise Unified Communication?

Here is the shortlist of the major components for a successful UC deployment.

  • Voice: Forever the staple of business communication. Access to a high quality voice solution needs to be at the very core of your UC strategy.

  • Video: The future of communication for the last 20 years, pervasive bandwidth is now making high quality video a reality, and further affordable. No Unified Communication platform is complete without it.

  • Instant Messaging: Chat may seem like child’s play, but in a world where we communicate far more over text, email and IM; businesses stand to gain from having an enterprise instant messaging tool.

  • Productivity Tools: Email, Calendaring, Contact Management, Web Collaboration, File Sharing and storage all have a place in the Unified Communication solution. Often via Outlook (or similar) the ability to connect your everyday tools is the future of UC.

  • Unified Messaging: The ability to get your Voicemail from anywhere via a simple email is a wonderful convenience and great for efficiency.

  • Presence: The ability to see from any device who is available, who is away and who is in meetings makes for faster companies as resources can quickly connect to one another to obtain needed support or collaboration.

  • Mobility: The “Anywhere Office” is a very real thing. Mobility gives the full toolset to users from an array of machines including your smartphone, tablet, PC or other. BYOD (Bring your own Device) has further pushed the mobile movement as more devices are being integrated into daily business operations.

  • Business Intelligence Integration: This is the last piece and perhaps one that is most often overlooked. But ask yourself this…How does your organizations communication tools integrate with business systems like CRM (Customer Management/Contact Center) and ERP (Accounting and Resource Planning)? Given the heavy use of these packages in day-to-day business, not being able to connect to your UC system makes them less useful than they could be.

So now that we know the pieces…making them work in perfect harmony is another story and ultimately the Link (not lync) between another failed tech rollout and organizations communicating over any medium from anywhere.

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Enterprise Communication, Beer Budget

Just because you are a small(er) company doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

Recent innovation has brought small businesses the ability to act more like the big boys.

Meaning that while Bank Accounts may be a few zeros light, everything else can be on par.

And once the playing field is level, the small guys can often leave scars on the bigger organizations with their ability to be faster, higher touch and more flexible.

Over the past few years Social Media has been a big tool for smaller businesses.

The broad reach and instant engagement allows even the most boutique companies to target more real users and have more real conversations.

Undoubtedly the larger companies have been the ones to buy up the ad space, but c’mon, anyone that is on Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Platform will tell you they don’t care for the ads and they certainly don’t click them.

That is because people came into the Social Sphere to get away from the advertisers online.

Unfortunately the advertisers came back and found a way to invade our space once again, which opens the door for disruption once again.

But I digress.

Another opportunity that has come to the smaller companies is Cloud Applications.

Tools like Salesforce, Quick Books and many others have revolutionized a small businesses capability to run like the big boys.

Often times you don’t know if you are buying form two college students in their dorm room or from a mid market enterprise.

And that is the point.

Enterprise Communication is the same way.

Cloud allows for your business to connect to anyone, anywhere from any device for way less than you ever expected.

Did you know it is possible for a company of 10 people to have Voice, Video, Instant Message and Presence on any device Mobile, Desktop or Handset for as little as $20.00 a month? Did I mention that this includes the Telephony Charges?

I’m not talking about some home grown solution either!

I’m talking about the kind of solution that even the big corporations are saying…”How did they do that?” The best applications in the most secure and reliable data-centers.

At a price that not only can you afford, but rather a price that will give you every thing you need at a lower cost.

Cloud has changed the game, leaving the question…

Has your business cashed in? Or are you still using the technology of yesteryear?

It is no longer required for small businesses to settle. Enterprise tools are here and they are more affordable than ever before.

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