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Tools for Cloud

Cloud Success is All About the Right Tools

What is something that just about every business on the planet has in common?

Here is something…

They all want to sell more.


When it comes to selling more technology solutions as a VAR, often the number one hurdle is the time it takes to get from first meeting to successful sign off.

And when that is the case that means more time is being spent nursing the project along than it is being spent finding the next deal.

This leaves sales, service and engineering frustrated, very frustrated!

What is worse is it kills the bottom line.

Why We Have a Cloud Business?

The decision to move into cloud for most VARs and users for that matter comes down to simplicity.

The idea is that it is easier to host a third party solution than it is to build and implement one locally.

In theory this is true, but not always the case in practice.

We attribute this to two main things.

  1. 1. The assumption of no or minimal ongoing support means a reduction in training and internal resource investment.
  2. 2. Lack of tools to expedite the sales and deployment of solutions making the “turn key” integration truly turn key.

What exacerbates this is the combination of the two items outlines above.

When resources aren’t available AND everything is being done manually. This is like the perfect storm for Cloud Failure.

Delivering Better Cloud

It starts with Partnership.

Where are you sourcing your cloud and what tools do they offer?

Here are a few that you need to make sure of before you even think about signing up.

  • Pre-Sales: What is available to help you sell more, sell faster and look professional? Whether white label marketing content or online sales portals, pre-sales tools shorten the sales cycle and allow your team to focus on revenue rather than creating good looking proposals and brochures.
  • Implementation: Does your cloud provider offer you tools to quickly deploy (successfully) the solution you are selling? Are there support resources standing by, willing AND able to help? Projects are supposed to be fast and simple, but that isn’t always the case. When issues arise how capable is your partner to help?
  • Post-Sale Support: This is where the rubber meets the road. When your up and running customers call for help, what do they get? Most service providers, even the big ones do this poorly. Think about it…who likes their cable company? Answer: Nobody! That is because you pay and pay and pay and when you need help you are treated like a second class citizen. Just imagine if your company didn’t treat customers that way. Now that is refreshing!

Business is rarely easy, and building a successful cloud business is no exception.

However, the right partner and the right tools can get you a long way closer.

What tools do your cloud providers offer you and how is that helping you meet your goals?