EC3: Partnering In Your Success

Rarely if ever is a great business built with the sole purpose of making money.

As you may know, profits are a business result, and should never be a businesses main purpose.

Great businesses are built when an idea is brought to life and then delivered with passion and precision to the customers who will benefit from it.

At EC3 we believe the way to become a great business is to build cloud based IT solutions that help IT Integrators make the leap from Hardware to Profits; to be the “Integrator’s Service Provider”

Even more than just building the solutions, we aspire to make them easy for your business to understand and deliver to your customers in need of a better and more affordable way to communicate.

In short, this business isn’t about us at all, it is really all about YOU. Exactly the way it should be!

Our company was founded in 2012 as a new entity by the leadership of two companies who have spent their existence in Information Technology delivering cutting edge products to their customers.

Two IT companies with strong track records of growth and innovation that saw a shift coming to their beloved industry and wanted to do something about it.

The shift that we saw was simple…It was becoming more and more difficult each passing day to profitably deliver hardware based IT solutions. And from the conversations we were having with others in our industry, this problem wasn’t isolated to just us.

With more than 35,000 IT VARS and Integrators in the United States alone, there is no question that technology is being used to solve businesses biggest problems each and every day.

Technologies helping to connect disperate systems to one another, and then integrating those systems to the people that drive drive business forward.

For many years our companies thrived by delivering our customers the hardware and implementation services they needed to create the technology driven workplace.

But like so many industries, the IT industry quickly matured and equally as fast became saturated with competition. This maturity led to rapidly depleting margin on IT hardware, our most abundant source of revenue, ultimately driving our businesses profitability down.

This left the executives, like ourselves of IT integrators searching for answers to these questions.

What now? How do we evolve and become profitable, like the good ole days?

Answer: We move to the cloud, and we do it with a partner that understands what we do, why we do it, and exactly what we need to make it work for businesses like yours!

The cloud isn’t really something new, it has actually been around for sometime. But thanks to popular products, most notably Apple, the cloud is now cool and quite useful.

Businesses can now leverage the cloud to host their applications such as CRM, Accounting and Communication Systems.

WIth all of this potential in the cloud, I ask you…How is your business leveraging the cloud?

At EC3, we recognize the integrators need to deliver pace setting cloud systems. However, we also recognize just how cost prohibitive it is to build a cloud that can scale to support the most demanding customers and their most critical applications.

That is why we created Synergy.

Born out of necessity and raised to give IT service providers a turnkey way to deliver cloud based unified communications to their customers.

But unlike other service providers with “Me Too” agent models and low margins for the VAR, EC3 was designed just for you.

We can virtually overnight turn your business into a Cloud Communications provider with not only profitable solutions, but a set of communication tools that work for you.

Synergy is not a product or a service rather it is a platform. It serves its user as an integrated cloud based collaboration tool allows an enterprise to connect Voice, Video, Instant Messaging and Presence with a set of collaboration tools that can make any business a connected business.

So step inside our world and take a look around.

We exist to serve you, the IT Integrator, and we can’t wait to show you how to make cloud into a business instead of a buzzword.

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About Dan

Daniel Newman serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of EC3, A quickly growing cloud IT and Unified Communications service provider. Prior to this role Daniel was the CEO of United Visual. Parent company to United Visual Systems, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm. The family of companies is focused in Visual Communications and Audio Visual Technologies. Daniel is also Co-Founder of the Global Community 12 Most. Newman is an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College. He attained his undergraduate degree in Marketing at Northern Illinois University and an Executive MBA from North Central College in Naperville, IL. Newman currently resides in Aurora, Illinois with his wife (Lisa) and his two daughters (Hailey 11, Avery 7). A Chicago native all of his life, Newman is an avid golfer, a fitness fan, and a classically trained pianist.