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What Is Your Cloud Strategy?

It makes me laugh a little bit when people are running around talking about cloud like it is some brand new thing.

Let’s be very clear, it is not.

Cloud for all intents and purposes has been around for more than 20 years.

Really what has changed is the availability of bandwidth.

Technologies such as virtual applications and Cloud Based Voice over IP (VoIP) could have been done long ago. The problem was the horsepower needed to handle the data traffic created by the usage would have brought networks to their knees.

The good news is that the bandwidth is now widely available.

A T1 is now like dial up once was with 20+ meg fiber connections pouring into businesses everywhere.

So with network issues now more or less out of the way, the excuses to not put your solutions in the cloud are becoming less and less valid.

Leaving you to ask yourself, what is your Cloud Strategy?

If you are a business, the opportunity to move applications such as CRM, ERP and Communications to the cloud can provide an instant source of security, availability and mobility to your systems that may have at one time eluded your business.

While security is often pointed at as an issue related to cloud applications, the bottom line is that most cloud technology providers have more rigorous security policies and engineers than the average business trying to manage applications on their own servers.

In terms of availability, most cloud applications run with high availability well above 99%. If and when the application goes down, the provider becomes the support and with specialists and dedicated resources to work on the issues, the downtime is often very brief. Further most cloud providers ofter some type of remuneration should the system go down.

Lastly, the mobility piece is becoming more and more pertinent with the proliferation of bring your own device. But whether it is on a personal device or a company issued one, the importance of a companies personnel having secure access to information is key. Cloud applications make access far easy from mobile devices and locations.

For the IT Var, Integrator or Service Provider the growth of cloud also has an impact.

As more businesses embrace a cloud strategy, it means their purchases and partnerships will be directed toward companies that offer the technology they need.

If your organization has long made its “Hay” by selling large hardware deployments containing Servers, Routers and Switches and other peripheral devices to manage and run all of their core applications and computing needs; then change is coming, and fast!

For Resellers everywhere the question from their customers and prospects is going to be why should I partner with you as I move to the cloud?

The answer will have to be because we (you) understand the needs and requirements for a cloud deployment.

Moreover, because you have the expertise and the partnerships with cloud services providers that answer to the needs to businesses everywhere.

Cloud has provided options for businesses and opportunities for VARS, but with options comes competition and with opportunity comes cost.

Nevertheless, no plan is not a viable option anymore.

Businesses and Resellers alike, it’s time to ask yourself this question…What is our Cloud Strategy?

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