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Voice or Email, Which is More Important?

Well, neither, ehem, I mean both would be the right answer.

Email and Voice are still the key communication tools for the enterprise.

It has been that way and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future.

This past week at Enterprise Connect, perhaps the most formidable event for Unified Communication in the enterprise, business leaders and tech leaders alike all paid homage to the tools of old and had a swearing in ceremony for the tools of “What is Next.”

A 3 person tech panel including technology leaders of General Motors, Fuji and Robert Half all proclaimed the end of the PBX era. In fact they stated emphatically that they would not be purchasing another PBX.

You heard it…well, there. I’d like to say I’m first to coin this, but unfortunately in this case I’m just reporting the news.

But let me tell you what this means.

Cloud. Is. The. Future.

So then does Voice or Email still rule the roost?

Ironically, at this point yes.

Like all outgoing trends, there is still the maturity point in any technologies life cycle and then as new technologies come along they intersect and eventually the new technologies pass by the old.

This has happened to faxes and printing as e-everything has replaced it.

This is happening to text and email as Social and Unified Communications become more and more prevalent.

Next victim?

Never easy to know for sure, but it is looking more and more like the phone sitting on your desk.

What will replace it?

Social, Check. Mobile, Check. Collaboration, Check.

What we will see not only the large enterprises yearning for, but small and medium companies alike are solutions that allow collaboration of content, video and voice on a single platform that is accessible to the masses.

The expectation will be that it can be made affordable so that organizations of all sizes will have a low cost of entry and a high return on their investment of time and money.

But don’t think for a moment that the traditional tools are going away.

People still need email and still need phones.

Just like telepresence has yet to displace the airline industry, the old tools have a place in this world.

However, for anyone making their living selling voice alone, it may be time to consider a new business.

And out of curiosity, anyone making a lot of money selling email solutions?

Breaking News, This Just In: The PBX is Dead, There are no suspects, but Unified Communications is wanted for questioning.

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Dear Dan

Thanks for this blog post.  I agree with you, people will continue to use e-mail. Matter of fact, I just outlined why they need an e-mail address.

Apple's iTunes, Google's Android OS, Facebook, etc. all require you to have a functioning e-mail address.  Often it seems to be our inability to use these technologies wisely that makes them a problem. For instance, ATOS' zero-email initiative is not a solution either since it might just indicate that some management processes warrant changing:

==> ==>

And while just a few people make money selling e-mail solutions, how many companies are profitable in the social media platform business?

Dan, thanks for sharing.

Urs E. Gattiker -