License to Provide Bad Service

Exactly how many times does your cell phone have to drop a call, or your data freeze on your mobile device, or does your cable company sneak an extra fee on your bill before you take issue?

Is it once, twice or more likely dozens of times before you reach out to customer service?

If you are like most consumers, it has to happen a lot.

It seems that we as a society have become satisfied with, for lack of a better term crappy service. Even worse we have become accepting of sneaky extra charges and fees.

Perhaps it is out of sheer laziness, but it seems that the big service providers are getting a license to provide bad service.

Almost as if by making service so difficult to obtain that it becomes easier to just deal with it.

A bit counter-intuitive, yes, but are the largest service providers taking advantage of our goodwill and patience?

Undoubtedly frustrating for the consumer, you would think that there would be a mass exodus by consumers to smaller more service oriented companies, but it doesn’t seem to be that way.

In some cases this is due to availability.

In many areas there are only one or two known options for service. So people go with what they can get. This rings true for internet, telephony and mobile service. It just seems that some companies have monopolized certain areas by having the best or only service available.

However for every instance that the customer is behold-ant to one provider their are many where choice exists but the customer chooses not to exercise their choice.

The great news here for business is that this low level of service has left the door wide open for new players to enter. Technologies such as Cloud, Managed Wireless and all encompassing Unified Communications platforms can replace many of the a la carte services provided by the market leaders (and dinosaurs) of the communication industry.

If your organization can provide a high level of service, both the actual service you are selling and the level of customer attentiveness that you provide, you can instantly become a hero.

And while the smaller service provider cannot possibly attempt to compete with the larger player in terms of their marketing and brand visibility, you cannot for even one moment discount the value of creating your brand based on delivering an excellent service that is backed by excellent service. Further your small statue allows for you to be nimble, responsive and creative!

The key to opening the door on the holes created by the larger service providers is to make sure that you absolutely deliver what you say. Because nobody wants to do business with a smaller player that doesn’t meet their brand promises.

So while the opportunity is there, it isn’t such that you can just show up and you’ll win the game. You have to show up and actually deliver.

But if you do…the world could be your oyster.

So for the biggest providers, consider yourselves warned. People may have been a bit complacent about their service for a long time. But in the socially connected world we live in the small player can use your arrogance and indifference toward the customer to their advantage.

At this point it is merely a matter of choice.

Customers can have their service and a good experience too.

It is just up to the next group of service providers to insist on living up to their brand promise.

No more free rides for bad, indifferent or sneaky service practices.

License suspended…from here on out they can take the bus!

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