First Grade Mandate: Bring Your Own Device

There are certain leading indicators in life that make you say…”Yep, this is happening.”

When we received mail from our district superintendent stating that their is a Bring Your Own Technology mandate for students of our district that was one of those indicators. Bring your own device isn’t going anywhere (I’d long been suspicious that it wasn’t).

Schools, often one of the most protective over what devices may ride on their networks are opening up the flood gates for technology and allowing your kids to bring their iPads, iPod Touch and iPhones to school. Oh yeah, and those non “i” devices; those are welcome too.

As disruption enthusiasts and a provider of cloud technology we love seeing this.

What a great thing for our business to see that our schools are out with the old and in with the new.

Of course, considering my little one often forgets to bring her lunch box home and is known for leaving scarves, mittens and her backpack behind, I’m thinking that sending an iPad with her is a foregone conclusion with “gone” being the keyword.

So what about your company?

Are you embracing devices from home and incorporating them into the workplace?

If your first grader is then shouldn’t your company be doing the same?

The bottom line is that the best of technology is likely not going to be home grown in your on-site data center anymore.

There are companies like Salesforce driving ERP and VMware driving application management; all from the cloud.

Your company needs to focus on doing what it does best and that is, well, whatever your company does best.

And unless your business is IT integration and/or consulting, then that isn’t where your time should be spent.

But if you are like most companies, then you are spending time focusing on your internal technology. Both money and time you don’t have, but you spend none-the-less.

Even though at times we prove not to be smarter than a 5th grader, in this case, let’s take a lesson from a first grader and embrace that the best technology isn’t always found in our office, but can often be found in our family room.

By running the best applications on the devices that we are most comfortable with you can be sure that we will drive the best results for our businesses.

Not even a first grader would argue with that.

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