Bring Your Own Bandwidth

In the past few years, technology has changed a lot.

I’m not sure exactly how often the bell curve for adoption is updated, but it seems that the time from when a technology is new to when a technology is mature is getting shorter and shorter with each passing day.

As I write this from 35,000 feet above the ground as I fly to attend an engagement where I am going to present on Technology Trends, I can’t help but think a little bit about how rapidly our “Connectedness” has changed.

Advancements in devices and applications certainly are key to our new found ability to seemingly connect everywhere and anywhere.

But perhaps nothing has a greater responsibility for our advances than the availability of bandwidth.

To think just a few years ago, getting Wi-Fi on a plane seemed like a dream. Then it quickly became a reality (quality aside) and now it has become pretty darn reliable.

The ability to say “I’m going to be out of touch because I’m traveling today,” went from a good excuse to enjoy a bloody Mary at lunch time to just another place where we can be found and accounted for.

While we may to some extent miss those days of being able to completely detach, in reality, that is a decision we all have to make personally. Most of our devices have a power down button so if we don’t want to be reached that is our choice.

Being connected, or at least being able to do so when we want, where we want, with an expectation of good quality pretty much changes the game.

Telephony in the cloud, or as we like to call it, cloud unified communications provides a great example of the power of bring your own bandwidth. Even just a couple of years ago anyone that was serious about internet phone for a critical application wouldn’t have considered such an offering without direct connectivity.

Direct connectivity meaning a physical connection between the carriers data center and the office running the application. (Usually via a T-1 connection)

Now with 20, 40 and even 100 mbps bandwidth readily available to be delivered to your businesses door step, your voice and communication needs have 10-50x the capacity of those old direct connections.

For those less technical or perhaps just more interested in outcomes…

What this means is that your business doesn’t need special connectivity to run cloud based voice or communication solutions; or really any cloud based solution.

All you need is to bring your own bandwidth.

But beware, you may not be used to getting such value for your money. So if you feel the need to pay more, we will happily reference you to a few service providers that like to offer those additional unneeded services.

For us, it is all about the value to you. Because happy customers stay customers.

Are you embracing the power of the bandwidth that you already have?



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